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Smarten the party up.

I went to a going-away barbecue recently for some friends of ours who are moving back to New York City, and we somehow got on the subject of SAT scores. I usually don't remember names, or faces, but I'll never forget the guy who said he got a 1598. Not because it was so high, but because it was so close to perfect...

Which got me thinking about what kind of yardstick I would use to size people up, to take the measure of a man so-to-speak, if I was the ruler of the world. Since I'm not interested in money per se, or name-dropping, or how many spouses/houses/horses or horsepower you own or have owned, I thought why not just put the one number* that really matters, to me anyway, right out there, and blow the whole thing wide open right off the bat? Put your pens to paper people - let's dumb the fun up!

Each 'IQ Party Pack' comes with 48 stickers, and a black Flair pen.

Price: $5

*My actual IQ, give or take.

Random comments at the supermarket:

"Is that a 7 or a 1?" - Janet S.

"You seem smarter than that. Wait, what's normal?" - Brent the cashier

"What does 127 mean? Oh, I thought it said that was your name." Laura B.

Party On!

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