Have lots of fun. Repeat. Again, with feeling!

Just went to a fab wedding here in town, and as a jokey gift I designed this "Have a Ball Marriage Jar"* for the happy couple. I got the idea for this way back in 1993 — someone (sly and wise I now see) told me when I got married that I should put a penny in a jar every time we kissed the first year, and if I took a penny out every time we did it after that we'd never empty the jar. Ha!

The "Ball Jar" was such a hit—the quick-witted bride quipped that I should've made it bigger! — that we're offering a very limited number on a first come, first served basis so-to-speak.

Price: $10

*The jar comes empty of course — you need to fill it up with your own love.

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"You need to make it bigger." - Cheryl H.

John: "We added 4 pennies last night."
Me: "4? Wow."
John: "Well, 1 for me and 3 for her."

Running Commentary?

"If you think about it, it's Xeno's Paradox (picture: Achilles and the Tortoise) in reverse. I'll let you puzzle it all out." - Dr. Joseph H.

He's absolutely right. I think. - Ed.

Parenthetical (aside)

Even though this gift is not meant to be taken seriously, marriage is!

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