Get what you've got coming.

FINALLY — a simple, effective and affordable way to give anybody their just desserts*, in an attractive and handy 8 oz. can. COMEUPPANCE is the right choice for everyone on your love/hate list, and there's certainly no reason to wait for a special occasion (or Judgement Day) to make sure they get what they so richly deserve, right away.

Price: $10

A word to the wise.

Before you purchase this can of COMEUPPANCE for personal use (or as a gift for someone else), please ask yourself the following three questions, and try to be honest for a change:

1. Do you really want to know what you've got coming?

2. The Law of Unintended Consequences will surely apply, won't it?

3. Do you remember Pandora's Box? The Curse of Knowledge?

NOTE: The jar comes empty of course—you need to fill it up with your own love.

*COMEUPPANCE is sugar-free, but like revenge, still tastes sweet. What exactly is in the can? You'll have to order one and find out for yourself, or, if you're an impatient, curious, or just plain nosy know-it-all you can find out now: something. But the joke is — the lid is sealed shut so you can never find out what it is!

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Legendary Satisfaction

Rigorously-tested and unconditionally-guaranteed to produce the most hoped-for result, our humbling pie is proudly Made in the USA by the best experts in the business, using only the highest-quality, purest ingredients available. And disappointment certainly isn't one of them.

If, however, you are somehow not 100% absolutely satisfied with the poetic justice this product delivers, simply return it, unopened, within thirty (30) days of purchase for a complete refund.

Please include the receipt, all your contact information, and a believable reason for the return. No questions will be asked, except: what the heck are you doing?


We received this email from Cornelia G., an old friend of One Up! and Uppityshirts:

"Hi Timothy:

I sent my son his Comeuppance — and got this amusing reply. Thanks again!


p.s. I'll be ordering Smart Pills for my other son!"

"I got my package and the can of Comeupppance. I spent a while opening it... before deciding that it was simply a practical joke, with a play on the expression to 'get your comeuppance.' Of course, this only made me want to (figure it out) even more, which I eventually succeeded in doing...

Thanks for the devilish gift."


Adding insult to injury

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